City Brand for Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale

Brand Design

How can a new, authentic image for the city Bad Neustadt look like and how can public services be designed that strengthen the residents' identification with their city?

The challenge was to find out what makes Bad Neustadt an der Saale unique. What are the core values ​​that make the city stand out from the surrounding cities? And in which areas does the city want to position itself more strongly in the future?

In Bad Neustadt, the citizens jointly drive progress in electromobility ...

... like a magnet in an electric motor.


To translate the mission visually, I used the city's landmark – the Hohntor. In a reduced form, it looks like an arrow, which stands for progress and a guide to the future. Multiplied and arranged as a magnetic field, the pattern represents electromobility, since the magnet is the most important component in an electric motor. At the same time it also represents the strong community of residents, who together drive progress in Bad Neustadt.


To strengthen the citizens' identification with their city, it's important as a city to know the needs of the residents. With the platform I called “Bürgerwunschliste”, residents of Bad Neustadt can express their wishes for the city and then vote for one of them. In this way, the mayor can see what the greatest need is and can easily respond to it.

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